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Product application
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Detailed introduction

This product is suitable for power plant coal crusher and crushing equipment, products made of metal shell, spiral steel spring, high viscosity, non slip damping plate.

1. After welding, the shell is treated by shot blasting and spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation. It is suitable for harsh environment such as heavy load, big impact, humidity and dust;

2, spiral steel spring processing equipment imported all, high precision, accurate force value. Spring material imported from Japan spring coil system, all through shot blasting, spray treatment, long service life;

3, damping imported material modulation, non-toxic, no pollution, adapt to high and low temperature environment, wear-resistant, anti-aging, non-volatile, chemical stability, linear viscosity, precise control of viscosity coefficient.

Isolation products Qingdao Kemei Thai Technology Co., has the following advantages:
90%, it can effectively eliminate dynamic load, restrain resonance phenomenon and isolate vibration more than 1;

2., the service life of more than 30 years, usually almost no maintenance;

3., with seismic function, when the foundation settlement, you can easily transfer the machine to the middle level;

4., use anti-skid plate, without bolt fixation;

5., with overload protection device, in case of emergency protection isolator, to avoid damage to equipment, guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the machine;

6. the vibration isolator is equipped with a load display board, which is more convenient for installation, leveling and maintenance of the field vibration isolator;

In the thermal power plant, various types of coal mills will vibrate when operating, which may affect the normal operation of the auxiliary equipment in the thermal power plant, and even lead to thermal power plant operation accidents. Usually affected by vibration, there is electrical equipment near the mill, the control room, and other equipment nearby. In order to transfer the reliable control of vibration of coal mill, Aiborui company specially developed coal mill elastic vibration isolation system, which is composed of a spiral steel spring and anti aging damping liquid and the metal shell, fixed plate, leveling plate etc.. The spring acts as an elastic buffer to reduce the natural frequency of the system. The spiral steel spring is the only vibration isolation element with the supporting force in the three-dimensional direction, and the viscous damping fluid has a damping effect proportional to the velocity. The spring vibration isolation system of the coal mill can reduce the weight of the coal mill foundation and reduce the vibration transmission.

The spring vibration isolation system, the volume or weight of the mill foundation pedestal is only about half of the conventional basic block. Because of the mill foundation and pedestal boiler workshop structure isolation, construction of coal mill base is relatively independent, and have a lot of flexibility, can shorten the construction time of coal mill foundation. The use of spring vibration isolation system can also simplify the leveling of the coal mill. The process arrangement can also reduce the consumption of various pipelines and cables, and increase the arrangement space of the auxiliary equipment and pipes of the coal pulverizer. After the spring vibration isolation system is adopted, no obvious vibration will be transmitted to the boiler and the building, and the vibration of the coal mill will also be affected by the vibration of the mill. The damage of the boiler and boiler lining caused by vibration and the operation accident of the thermal power plant caused by maintenance can be avoided.

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