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Detailed introduction

The pump unit is the most common mechanical equipment installation engineering water supply and drainage, air conditioning system, the pump belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment in the process of running, often because of various reasons, which caused by vibration, even when serious threat to the safe operation of the pump. There are many reasons for the vibration of the unit and the pumping house. Some factors have connection and interaction. The main reasons are as follows:

- due to water pump manufacturing process does not pass: rotor imbalance; pump and motor shaft; the rotor and the stator part collision or friction;

- the use of a longer time, the water pump impeller wear: loose; bearing damage or bearing clearance;

- pump entrance pipe, impeller, pump and pump debris; fixed base fastening, the resonance phenomenon of strengthening;

The water - pump work in advance, with the vortex cavitation inevitably will produce vibration.

The vibration isolation design of pump is an indispensable step, support points pump should be even, should not be less than four, horizontal pump is generally six, four of which are located in the four corners, the middle two \ according to the pump weight and the weight of the motor and the different moving position, the supporting point of isolation vibration load equal element. The vibration isolation element shall be symmetrically arranged in accordance with the central axis of the water pump group, and the vibration isolation elements of each support point shall be of the same type, specification, performance, area and hardness. The bearing surface of the vibration isolation element shall not exceed the base line of the base to ensure that the vibration isolation element is fully stressed. In addition, the pump unit shall be equipped with a pedestal, and the base can be divided into two parts: reinforced concrete base and profiled steel base. The reinforced concrete base has good vibration isolation effect, but the maintenance period is long, the construction is troublesome, and the installation base is complicated. The steel base is convenient to construct, but the cost is higher. When the vibration isolation element is arranged between the base and the ground, the ground is required to be leveled, and the vibration isolating element can be fully contacted with the base and the ground, and the force is uniform.

This product is suitable for pumps, vacuum pumps, ground source heat pumps and other pump equipment, products from metal shell, spiral steel springs, high viscosity damping, anti-skid pad composition.

1. After welding, the shell is treated by shot blasting and spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation. It is suitable for harsh environment such as heavy load, big impact, humidity and dust;

2, spiral steel spring processing equipment imported all, high precision, accurate force value. Spring material imported from Japan spring coil system, all through shot blasting, spray treatment, long service life;

3, damping imported material modulation, non-toxic, no pollution, adapt to high and low temperature environment, wear-resistant, anti-aging, non-volatile, chemical stability, linear viscosity, precise control of viscosity coefficient.

Isolation products Qingdao Kemei Thai Technology Co., has the following advantages:
90%, it can effectively eliminate dynamic load, restrain resonance phenomenon and isolate vibration more than 1;

2., the service life of more than 30 years, usually almost no maintenance;

3., with seismic function, when the foundation settlement, you can easily transfer the machine to the middle level;

4., use anti-skid plate, without bolt fixation;

5., with overload protection device, in case of emergency protection isolator, to avoid damage to equipment, guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the machine;

6. the vibration isolator is equipped with a load display board, which is more convenient for installation, leveling and maintenance of the field vibration isolator;

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