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Product application
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Detailed introduction

This product is suitable for the vibration isolation of forging and pressing equipment and against the load of big impact force. The product is composed of metal shell, spiral steel spring, damping and antiskid backing plate.

1. After welding, the shell is treated by shot blasting and spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation. It is suitable for harsh environment such as heavy load, big impact, humidity and dust;

2, spiral steel spring processing equipment imported all, high precision, accurate force value. Spring material imported from Japan spring coil system, all through shot blasting, spray treatment, long service life;

3, damping imported material modulation, non-toxic, no pollution, adapt to high and low temperature environment, wear-resistant, anti-aging, non-volatile, chemical stability, linear viscosity, precise control of viscosity coefficient.

Isolation products Qingdao Kemei Thai Technology Co., has the following advantages:

90%, it can effectively eliminate dynamic load, restrain resonance phenomenon and isolate vibration more than 1;

2., the service life of more than 30 years, usually almost no maintenance;

3., with seismic function, when the foundation settlement, you can easily transfer the machine to the middle level;

4., use anti-skid plate, without bolt fixation;

5., with overload protection device, in case of emergency protection isolator, to avoid damage to equipment, guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the machine;

6. the vibration isolator is equipped with a load display board, which is more convenient for installation, leveling and maintenance of the field vibration isolator;

Qingdao Kemei Thai reason:

I. quality assurance

As the vibration and noise control of domestic professional production and technical research and development enterprise, we serve thousands of users, continue to provide isolation scheme design and product professional production for the domestic first-class enterprises, and improve the noise control scheme. Good quality is the foundation of our praise. Our quality confidence comes from a wealth of industry cutting-edge design and manufacturing experience and a strong elite technical team protection, quality comes from our daily production safety measures:

1. purchase quality assurance measures:

Control of supply channels, select qualified suppliers for raw materials and components, we must choose well-known brands at home and abroad; suppliers choose an agent to ensure purchased parts 100% authentic; strict evaluation to all suppliers, and record the results are re evaluated every year, the evaluation will be included in the "qualified qualified the supplier list"; the main raw materials and components must be qualified suppliers in procurement.

Establish a perfect stock inspection system: our company quality management department is equipped with a full-time purchase inspector, all outsourcing and outsourcing parts of the strict inspection, only qualified materials before they can be put into storage and put into production.

2. quality assurance measures in the manufacturing process:

The quality control of the production process, mainly to take self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection combined for quality issues, take the "three no" principle: the quality problem is not resolved over the improvement measures have not implemented miss, the parties have no education. Secondly, the quality statistics and quality target assessment system has been established, and the quality of each process has been analyzed every month. The quality veto has been adopted for those who have not reached the quality target". In addition, pay special attention to the advanced processes, the purchase of advanced processing equipment, and process guidance, full-time engineer examination, to ensure sufficient processing capacity, to maintain quality in a controlled state for a long time.

3. quality assurance measures for finished products:

Where the finished products manufactured by our company are subject to strict inspection by qualified full-time inspectors, only qualified can be put in storage and manufactured. And with the relevant technical documentation (drawings, test reports, operation manual); in order to ensure the finished product pass rate of 100%, our company take regular training, qualification, strict examination and other effective measures for full-time inspectors; at the same time, the quality control department director and manager to strictly control the quality of the finished products, sampling check at any time. Ensure products in the factory all quality problems have been completely solved.

Two, technical advantages

As a leading designer and manufacturer in the field of vibration and noise control, our company brings together the top designers in the domestic noise control industry. We not only provide professional and competitive vibration reduction and noise reduction products, but also pay more attention to the advanced nature, reliability, practicability and economy of the technical scheme.

Excellent technical support is the basis of product quality, we do not win the market at low prices, the products we offer are high quality and reliable. So we continue to gain more and more customer reputation.

Three, after-sales protection

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