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Vibration isolator has great potential in the application of power facilities

2017-09-23 : 13:40:38       adminszx

You should know that, with the continuous development of the times, the power equipment plays an important role in our life, but for the electric power facilities, the mechanical rotation or earthquake will produce vibration response, while excessive vibration will affect or destruction of power facilities and other facilities around, thus reducing or vibration control is very necessary this requires that the isolator run.

Among the electric power installations, the vibration isolators commonly used include rubber isolators, metal spring isolators and composite isolators. This is because the bearing capacity, stiffness and damping coefficient, it can well meet the vibration power facilities under normal operation requirements, and to ensure that in the event (such as the rare earthquake) under the condition of no damage to power facilities.

It is important to prevent seismic isolator harm to power caused by horizontal earthquake usually have a large impact on the electric power facilities, and the high damping rubber isolator and other composite isolator because of its large vertical rigidity and small horizontal stiffness, so it is widely used in isolation technology. The isolator needs large vertical stiffness and small horizontal stiffness. This can not only satisfy the larger vertical load, but also satisfy the horizontal vibration isolation effect.

I believe that whatever it is, in the promotion of science and technology, the isolator role will become increasingly large, application is more and more widely in the near future, it will conquer more areas.

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