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Reliable environmental protection press vibration isolation

2017-09-26 : 16:58:22       admin

With the continuous development of society and the convening of the APCE conference, we can see that the strength of our country is constantly increasing, our industry is constantly improving, and it also leads to the development of the press vibration isolator.

Why do you say so? As you know, due to the progress of industry, press on the sensitivity requirement of vibration is more and more high, although sometimes press but not the installation on the floor or press the base of the foundation is not good, so we must take measures for vibration. Thus, how important is the vibration isolation of the press.

With the changing times, press vibration in constant innovation and development, has been widely used in various fields, in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, electronics and other fields have been widely used, and with the development of the automotive industry, but also promote the development of the press in isolation, for the development of society and lay an important foundation.

Qingdao Static Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces press vibration isolator, advanced technology, reliable product quality, absolute, so that everyone can rest assured.

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