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Specialized in vibration and noise control

Create a quiet and harmonious environment

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Qingdao Kemei Thai Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in vibration and noise control of high-tech enterprise, founded in 2017, is located in Qingdao national economic and Technological Development Zone, road accessible, transportation is very convenient; adjacent to China University of Petroleum, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Technological University and other universities, academic atmosphere, through cooperation with major university professor field. The introduction of European vibration and noise control in the field of high technology, developed the vibration and noise control products with the leading domestic level.

The company mainly produces spring vibration isolator, damper, spring damping vibration isolator, vibration absorber, soundproof room, floating bed; and provide technical advice, vibration and noise control engineering construction, vibration and noise measurement services.

Thai Kemei company's products can be used in many industrial and civil fields:

Vibration and noise of 1. kinds of forging, press machine, high speed punch;

2. track noise reduction, floating ballast bed;

3. vibration isolation and sound insulation of power plant equipment;

4. passive vibration isolation and shock resistance of test bed, three coordinate measuring machine, roll grinder, etc..


The state attaches great importance to environmental protection today, Thai Kemei company has been committed to the promotion and application of vibration and noise control products, to create a quiet and harmonious environment for everyone, happy life and work.

Isolation products Qingdao Kemei Thai Technology Co., has the following advantages:

90%, it can effectively eliminate dynamic load, restrain resonance phenomenon and isolate vibration more than 1;

2., the service life of more than 30 years, usually almost no maintenance;

3., with seismic function, when the foundation settlement, you can easily transfer the machine to the middle level;

4., use anti-skid plate, without bolt fixation;

5., with overload protection device, in case of emergency protection isolator, to avoid damage to equipment, guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the machine;

6. the vibration isolator is equipped with a load display board, which is more convenient for installation, leveling and maintenance of the field vibration isolator;

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